Pashmina Shawls

Craft Planet Unit carries best Pashmina wool, also called cashmere, is extremely fine wool woven from the undercoat of the Pashmina goat.  Pashmina is silky soft to the touch, yet it provides outstanding warmth. It is so fine that only needlework can be used for embroidery, crewel work which is used on merino wool shawls is too heavy.

Pashmina shawls come in variety of colors and designs, most have needlework border designs, while some are naked. Pictures cannot capture the suppleness and beauty of the shawls, which are a delight to sight as well as touch.

The length and width of Ladies Pashmina Shawls are :- Size in inches : (Width x Length) 40" x 80"

Sizes for Men Pashmina Shawls are :-    Size in inches :   (Width x Length) 54" x 120" or 60" x 120"

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