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Silk Items

Kashmir has a wide range of verities in silk textile designs. The weaves popularly known as 'chinon' and 'crepe de chine' are some of the fine qualities produced from the silk yarn. Kashmir boasts of rearing the best and the most exclusive cocoon. The valley of Kashmir is known for the quality of silk throughout the world.At Craft Planet Unit we keep vast Silk products like Silk Shawls, Silk Scarves, Silk Stoles, Silk carpets, Silk Suits, Silk Kurti , Silk Kurta, Silk Ponchos, Silk Phanrans, and many More Items. We also keep Silk Embroidered item as well which gives more charm to the Kashmiri Silk Items.






Chain Stitch

Craft Planet Unit  also keeps the vast and wide items from Chain stitch done in Kashmir. Chain Stitch can be done in wool, silk or cotton, is done by hook rather than by needle. Hook work covers a much larger area than needle work in the same amount of time.  Tiny stitches are used to cover the entire area - the figures or motifs are worked in striking colors. The designs range from floral patterns to animals and human forms traced by a designers while the craftsman embroidery in two-ply or three-ply yarns. Silk yarn is also used in the embroidery and the rug looks like a carpet in which the pile is substituted by the texture. Chain stitch rugs are used both as floor covering and wall hanging. The rug is supported with cloth-lining to add the durability.Chain Stitch Can be done on Kashmiri Woolen Shawls,  Curtains, Cushion Covers, Bed Coves, Ladies Bags, Rugs,  Namdas, Men and Women Suits.






                                                              Tila Dozi 

Craft Planet Unit is among leading manufactures and exporters of  Tila Dozi Embroidery Items  .These embroidery techniques are executed with gold or silver zari (tilla) or silk (dori) thread, and are used to embellish PheransSaris, Ladies & Gents ware Items, Wall Hanging Home Decors, Ponchos and also on Shawls. The decorative wire remains only on the surface while and additional thin cotton thread of yellow or white is stitched on top of it, thereby securing it by couching. Of the needlework in silver and metallic thread there are two variations - moraskar (knot stitch), zalakadosi (chain stitch executed in silver or metallic thread) - which are used on the borders of shawls and choga, royal gown, to create a raised or braided effect. The most commonly used motifs are the pamposh (lotus), chinar, badam (almond) . dacch gurn (grape leaf) and duin (the flower of the chinar tree).





Copperware Items

The Kashmiri artisan also produces excellent products of copper-ware consisting mostly of cooking pots and 'samovars' (tea kettle of Russian origin) and sundry articles for the household or the mantelpiece. The copperware of Srinagar is admiringly adapted for electroplating. The Craft Planet Unit carries wide variety of  Kashmiri Copperware products.







Wallnut Wood Products

Craft Planet Unit keeps wide variety of Kashmiri Wood Carving item which are totally Handmade by the valleys best Artisans.Wood Carving industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years in J&K. In fact, wood carving industry of J&K is the most famous in entire country. The Walnut wood is considered the best wood for carvings. Not only because it is readily available, but even after excessive carvings, the wood retains its strength. The main attraction of woodcarvings is the woodwork on the ceiling of the rooms. The technique for this work is immensely complicated and the end product is equally mesmerizing. This kind of woodcarving is called Khatam Band. Woodcarving can also be seen on chairs, tables, jewelry boxes and on any thing and every thing that is made of woods






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