Paper Machie

The Craft Planet Unit  are also main Exporters and Manufactures of Paper Mache. We keep wide variety of Paper Mache items as well.  Paper Mache is another form of handicraft that has brought J&K wide acclaim from all regions of the world. To make Paper Mache objects, the process is very long and tedious. First the paper is soaked in water till the time it completely dismantles. The paper is then mashed and is mixed with an adhesive solution. The pulp is then molded into desired shape and is dried. The outlay of the object is now ready. Now is the time for artisans to color it and draw intricate and brilliant designs on it. The product is now ready to hit the market. The first look on these splendorous object itself will compel you to make them your own. There are cheaper versions of Papier Mache as well that are made up of cardboard. Pen boxes, table lamps, show pieces and other decorative items are few that are made from Paper Mache.

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