Woolen Carpets

Craft Planet Unit have an vast experience manufacturing of carpets from the valley many awarded artisans are working with us. To make tufted carpets are individually inserted into a woven or non-woven backing using a needling technique. These carpets are ideal for any kind of modern or traditional designs There are numerous hand knotted woolen carpet producing centers in India but traditional hand knotted silk carpets in India can only be found in Kashmir. The origins of the traditional silk carpets of Kashmir can be traced to the Mughal period. Carpets from Kashmir are subtle in comparison with the carpets produced from other parts of the country. It is because carpets made in Kashmir are made with yarn dyed with mineral colors, as vegetable dyes are not used at all. Hues of red, blue and yellow color are mainly used.

Silk Carpets

Craft Planet Unit manufactures premium quality silk carpets, which are versatile in terms of designs, colors and patterns. These silk carpets are embellished with variety of materials to give it a scintillating look.The most recurring motif that is found on silk carpets from Kashmir is the depiction of the tree of life, in all its glory. The natural beauty of Kashmir and its picturesque views have inspired the carpet weavers. Other popular themes are: hunting scenes, bird and animal motifs and historic themes. These carpets come in a variety of colors and designs

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