Paisely Shawls

Craft Planet Unitprovides plenty of varieties of Paisley design were in fashion for nearly 100 years, from around 1780 until the 1870’s (1). During this time millions were woven, embroidered and printed in Kashmir, Persia, India, Russia, USA and Europe, in France at Paris and Lyon, Austria in Vienna, in England at Norwich and in Scotland at Edinburgh, Glasgow and Paisley itself. It was the woven Kashmir shawls which first caught women's imagination, with European manufacturers quick to emulate by weaving or printing. Paisley produced shawls the most economically and for the longest period, the name becoming synonymous with the place of manufacture.
The length and width of Ladies Pashmina Shawls are :- Size in inches : (Width x Length) 40" x 80"
Sizes for Men Pashmina Shawls are :- Size in inches :- (Width x Length) 54" x 120" or 60" x 120"

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